Barrier 3:
The customer doesn't care.

ConnectiCare introduced a new concept, 100%coverage. But then, so did all the other new plans. 

So, ConnectiCare did something the competition never thought of: took business from the giant traditional plans that only offered 80% coverage. But customers were used to 80% coverage, had accepted it, and didn’t want to deal with an alternative. “So what?” was a typical response.

I creatived and directed a campaign to cause dissatisfaction with 80% coverage in order to create a demand for ConnectiCare’s 100% coverage.   

See how ConnectiCare prevailed. 

This unexpected creative approach made ConnectiCare’s 100% coverage relevant because it made 80% coverage unacceptable. 

Competitors could have said the same thing, but they didn’t. ConnectiCare said it clearly and creatively. And won.


Enrollment increased by 25,000 against a goal of 12,000. 


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