“You can’t persuade me if
you don’t understand me.”


To out-create your competition, I look into your prospects' heads.

I do this with a process that’s more effective than fat, bulky, expensive research studies. It works because it’s focused on exactly what you need to know to beat your competition.

I work with my clients to develop creative strategies that get their message into peoples' heads, move people to action and beat the competition.

That includes tough competition, smart competition, competition that outspends you. Even competition that offers the same thing, or almost the same thing, you do.

It also includes helping clients turn around entrenched negative attitudes to achieve breakthrough results.             
See what a little shock value can do.



“Joe Hoke taught me to think.”

“Joe’s keen strategic sense inspired us to find fresh solutions, whether marketing safety messages to people who didn’t want to hear them, repositioning jet engines for customers who’d lost faith in the brand or cutting through the health-insurance clutter.  I was always motivated by his clarity, his positive energy and his belief in pushing for the best possible ideas.  

Joe insisted that we get street-smart:  truly understanding the mindset of the target audience first-hand. It works.  

Above all, Joe believes that all work must be measured by results first.

Joe is perhaps the greatest influence on my career, and being able to work for him and with him for 18 years was its single biggest privilege.”

Alan Maislen
National award-winning copywriter 
Creative Director & Peripheral VisionaryAdams & Knight Advertising


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