“It’s crowded in my head.
Why should I make room for you?”


You can't plant something in peoples' heads unless you understand what's already in there.

Ignore this and you put your marketing effort at big risk. 

I’ll help you get into customers’ heads with a process that’s more effective than fat, bulky, expensive research studies. It works because it’s focused on exactly what you need to know to beat your competition.

This approach has grounded my work for over 100 brand-positioning exercises. And it’s helped clients get the edge in the most competitive arenas.

See how a regional brand beat the top national brands.


“I first saw Joe in action when I assumed a communications leadership role at Aetna.

My team was struggling with how to position a particular business and its products.

After meeting Joe and learning about the Mintz & Hoke brand-positioning model, I brought the business leadership together with him and his team. Using the thoughtful guide, he gave the attendees a thorough workout. The session brought out the best of the business. Joe helped us identify our opportunities, get consensus, and shape compelling messages.

The experience fortified me and changed my professional life.”

Bob Nolan
Senior Director
Communications at Fallon Health


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