“She had such a nice personality.
Then she turned on the Powerpoint.”


The PowerPoint comes on. 
Nice warm people turn into dull, 
cold presenters.

And the audience turns off.  

We can help you make presentations that won’t squeeze the life out of your presenters, or your presentations. And we can help you avoid the most common presentation failures. This alone can give you a competitive advantage.

Our worldwide experience gives you an additional competitive edge.

My partner, Leesa Lawson and I have now run presentation workshops for over 100 companies worldwide. So we know the most common presentation failures. 

Strange as it may seem, presenters make the same mistakes in London, Tokyo and New York. You can bet that your competition is making many of these mistakes. Avoid these mistakes and you’re on your way to winning. 

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The Eight Common Presentation Failures

1. Self absorbed. It’s all about the presenter’s company the presenter’s products—and not about the audience. They tell their story and don’t connect it to the audience’s needs. No relevance.

2. No differentiation. Clients have told me about sitting through a dozen presentations, all using PowerPoint, or some other electronic presentation vehicle, and all using it the same way.

And nobody saying or showing what makes them different. They look the same; they sound the same. Read more


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