I co-founded and grew an advertising agency, Mintz + Hoke, 
in one of the most competitive markets in the country, Hartford, CT
right between New York and Boston.

Beat the New York giants.

One example: won a top aircraft engine account against one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. Won clients in virtually every category of B2B and consumer advertising. Mintz + Hoke became Connecticut’s largest agency.

Developed winning brand strategies for over 100 products and services.

One example: helped a regional yogurt consistently beat giant national brands.

Broke results records. Then broke them again.

One example: developed creative strategies that achieved the highest response and readership in history for 15 business publications.

Now I want to help you.

After twenty-six years I sold Mintz + Hoke to the employees and co-founded Lawson & Hoke. Lawson convinced me that after 26 years I should be used to my name being second.

Now I help clients in the toughest competitive arenas. One example: conducted presentation workshops for over 120 companies around the world. Helped one company go from no wins in the previous year to win seven of their next nine new business contests.

Tell me about your competitive challenge.


Joe Hoke • Lawson & Hoke • (860) 693-6499 • joe@lawsonhoke.com 
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