You’re in a tough competitive arena.
Maybe you have lots of competition, or you’re up against big competitors, or your competition outspends you. Whatever you’re up against I’ve probably been there, and helped my clients win in spite of the competitive barriers.

Common barriers I helped my clients overcome:

Barrier 1. You’re up against the biggest brand names in the business.
        See how YoCrunch Yogurt beat them.

Barrier 2. Your biggest, baddest competitor has a budget big enough to bury you.        
        See how Ames beat the big boxes.

Barrier 3. The customer doesn't care.
        See how ConnectiCare prevailed.

Barrier 4. Your competition already says it.
        See how Rockville Bank beat the competition.

Barrier 5. People think you're something you're not.
        See what Aetna did about it.

Barrier 6. Your audience can’t hear you because they’re angry at you.
        See how the Catholic Church broke through.

Call me with the challenge you're facing.


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