“Walmart’s coming.
Why do I need you?”


Barrier 2:
Your biggest, baddest competitor has a budget
big enough to bury you.

Walmart was coming in the front door; Ames’ customers were fleeing out the back.

And our new retail client, Ames, did not know why.

I devised a way to get into shoppers’ heads and find out why. People had shopped at Ames when the chain went through bankruptcy and it was so bad that shoppers vowed never to go back, ever. But, Ames was out of bankruptcy and new and improved. Customers just had no idea.    

We knew a big sale, creatively advertised, would intrigue shoppers enough to give Ames another try. 

See the TV advertising that brought people back. 


Record-breaking sales events brought people back. Then they came back again and bought things at full price. Ames did well, even against Walmart. Ames’ competitors were not so fortunate.


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